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Tea Gardens Veterinary Hospital | 2/197 Myall Street, Tea Gardens, New South Wales, Australia | (02) 4997 1877

Would you like to make an appointment for your pet? Do you have a question for the vet? Would you like to order your next course of medications or some more food? Please use the form below so that we can assist you further 

​​ Full-Time Vet            Monday-Friday            9am-5pm             (02) 4997 1877

Monday- Friday  9am- 5pm

After hours

Our after hours services are provided by the Newcastle Animal Referral and Emergency Centre at 4 Lang Rd, Broadmeadow, OR 4 Garnett Rd, Greenhills.

Please call: 1300 838 669

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Tea Gardens Veterinary Hospital

Phone: (02) 4997 1877

2/197 Myall St, Tea Gardens, NSW, 2324


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Phone:(02) 4997 1877

2/197 Myall St, Tea Gardens NSW 2428