​​​​​​​​Pet health care​

Worming/Flea/Tick Products                              

Grooming supplies​         

Pet Diets  

Nail trimming                        

Here at Tea Gardens Veterinary Hospital we have a commitment to expanding our services to include everything your small animal pet may need without leaving Tea Gardens. We also offer house call services to the wider area and can offer pick up and transport back to the hospital for treatment or surgery if required. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest services available. If a service you require is not listed below please call us so we can assist you further.

 Consultation (30min)


Medical Problems

Puppy/Kitten Health check        Nutrition advice    

House Call Service                      Microchipping 




Blood tests

​SNAP tests

​Faecal Analysis




Hospital care

​Intravenous fluids

​Intranasal Oxygen​

Nursing ​Care

​Wound management


Dental Care

Scale & Polish


​Preventative Care



Lump removal


Skin Biopsy

​Soft tissue: spleen, bladder, stomach, intestine.

And more...           

Monday- Friday  9am- 5pm

After hours

Our after hours services are provided by the Newcastle Animal Referral and Emergency Centre at 4 Lang Rd, Broadmeadow, OR 4 Garnett Rd, Greenhills.

Please call: 1300 838 669

Opening Hours

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